Who cares about creativity anyway? We do!

Creativity has a positive impact on market performance

As a Creative Advertising Agency, our playground is the world of problems and our job is to come up with effective ways of solving them. Our approach to overcoming the unique challenges our clients face includes creativity – an elusive, slippery concept that is easy to bandy about but difficult to pin down. The intangible nature of this notion makes people sceptical about whether it actually affects the bottom line. However, according to research, it does affect market performance in a positive way.

How do you define “creativity”?

Based on academic research in communication psychology, Werner Reinartz and Peter Saffert have managed to identify the elements that shape creativity:

Elaboration – advertising that contains unexpected details or extends simple ideas to be more intricate or complicated.

Artistic value – advertising that contains artistically appealing verbal, visual or sound elements, high production quality, clever dialogue, memorable music, etc.

Originality – advertising that has elements that are rare or surprising, diverging from norms by applying unique visual or verbal solutions.

Flexibility – advertising that smoothly links the product to a range of different uses or ideas.

Synthesis – advertising that blends or connects normally unrelated objects or ideas.

What difference does creativity make?

After presenting a set of more than 400 German TV commercials to a panel of trained consumer raters who were asked to assess the ads according to the creativity elements outlined above, the researchers compared these scores to the ads’ costs and successes. What they found is that the ads with better creativity ratings also performed better in the market.

“A euro invested in a highly creative ad campaign had nearly double the sales impact of a euro spent on a noncreative campaign.”

– Reinartz and Saffert

Creativity pays off – literally!

There you have it. The time and effort it takes to generate and shape that one-of-a-kind idea into a creative concept for an ad campaign is worth it. While research, brainstorm sessions and outdoor breaks may seem like a waste of time, they are necessary for the mind to wander, make new connections, and begin to create the next big idea to ground a creative campaign. And since you now also have a clearer understanding of what creativity actually involves, you will be able to judge for yourself whether your ad agency is spending enough time coming up with creative messaging.

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